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What they say about me?

Discover what our valued clients have to say about their experience with our acupuncture and herbs services, showcasing the positive impact we have had on their well-being and health transformation.

LeAnn is a great practitioner for acupuncture & health! She listens carefully & treats appropriately, and makes suggestions for health & wellness from her extensive knowledge of alternative treatments & acupuncture. She always made me laugh, especially during what could have been most painful areas for acupuncture, between the toes! She is a joy! Her treatments are effective! You will be glad you chose her for your health & wellness!

Ms. Judy S.

My 85-year-old mother began experiencing difficulty walking and weakened overall 10 plus years ago. Witnessing the treatment firsthand, I was truly amazed. My mother managed to raise her leg up 90 degrees in the air immediately after the treatment. The improvement in her mobility was remarkable!
Another incident further solidified my belief. My mother experienced a sudden bout of difficulty breathing accompanied by chest pain. In this distressing situation, Dr. Nguyen promptly administered an acupuncture session. Within seconds, my mother began to feel a sense of relaxation and relief shortly.  
Based on these extraordinary experiences, I wholeheartedly endorse acupuncture and Dr. LeAnn Nguyen as a viable therapeutic option. Her expertise and skill in performing acupuncture were instrumental in improving my mother’s well-being.

Ms. An N.

I started seeing Dr. LeAnn Nguyen for menopausal symptoms that included night sweats, insomnia, mood swings and weight gain.
Went in with a full open mind, which I feel is very important. I have had 4 visits so far, and my night sweats have decreased and almost disappeared. I have slept better and I expect more improvement on that and my mood swings have changed dramatically and the weight issue is also changing for the better. I absolutely believe that these changes are the results from the acupuncture treatments. I appreciate the care and concern that Dr LeAnn Nguyen gives on each and every visit and changes whatever needs to be addressed at each visit. So glad I found her! I highly recommend giving her a try.

Kimberly M.

I had the right shoulder pain around the scapular area for around five years’. It always bothered me. Dr Nguyen treated me twice. Each sessions was about 45 minutes. The first time my pain went down 50%. The second time all the pain was gone. I even forgot I used to have shoulder pain for years. It’s been months the pain has not come back. Hope it will be gone completely. It was the first time ever I tried acupuncture. No pain at all! I actually felt really good when Dr Nguyen stimulated the needles around my scapular. Thank you Dr Nguyen for a big relieve. Whoever has pain should try acupuncture at least one time to see whether it works for you.

Ms. Mary P.

At first I was skeptical of acupuncture but I always say don’t knock until you try it. My first session Dr. Nguyen treated my left shoulder which had been bothering me for quite some time. After the first session I felt as if I had weights taken off my shoulders. My left shoulder felt more opened up and wasn’t feeling as restricted or painful. I was then treated for a high body temperature and nasal congestion. After laying for 15 minutes I could breathe once again and I felt calm and cool. Dr Nguyen took care of me and made sure I left better then when I came in!

Ian M.

I took my Mom to Dr. LeAnn to take care of her left knee pain. Upon our initial visit, the Dr. LeAnn exhibited unparalleled professionalism by conducting a comprehensive assessment of my mom’s medical history and per-forming a thorough examination of her left knee. This meticulous approach demonstrated a commitment to understanding the root cause of her pain, rather than simply addressing the symptoms. By providing a personalized diagnosis, Dr. LeAnn was able to efficiently tailor the acupuncture treatment specifically to my mom’s needs, ensuring optimal results. Dr. LeAnn’s knowledge of traditional and contemporary acupuncture techniques is awesome. My Mom didn’t even feel the needles on her body at all. Be-yond her technical expertise, Dr. LeAnn consistently demonstrated compassion and empathy towards my mom. Despite busy schedules, Dr. LeAnn spent sufficient time to listen attentively to my Mom concerns, answer questions, and explain each step of the treatment process. Her genuine concern for my mom’s well-being fostered a trusting and reassuring environment, which significantly contributed to my Mom’s overall healing journey. By sharing my mom’s positive experience, I hope to highlight the immense value of acupuncture services of Dr. LeAnn, who is committed to providing holistic care, ensuring long-lasting relief, and ongoing well-ness.

Phan H.

‘At the time I was about to receive knee pain treatment from Dr Nguyen, I did not feel the pain so I was hesitate. Dr Nguyen asked me what bothered me the most. I said that I could not sit down on the floor. She checked the ROM. During the treatment, she slowly asked and checked other areas. Turn out I always had neck/shoulder/lower back pain which I forgot to tell. She decided to treat all at the same time. The outcome was beyond my expectation. I could sit down at much lower level (not right on the floor yet) and stood up without bending anything to support like an hour ago. My knee pain was down 70%. My body felt much lighter overall. All the neck/shoulder/ low back pain went down significantly. Not just that I felt so good. This was my second time having Acupuncture treatment after the first one occurred years ago which was so painful. I did not even notice or feel the pain when Dr Nguyen needles me. I overcame the fear to get help from acupuncturists. Thanks to Dr. Nguyen I woke up the next day feeling so good and was very happy. Dr Nguyen said she loved to work with seniors. I was very comfortable during the treatment. I would come back. Highly recommend Dr LeAnn Nguyen.

Ms Lien T.

I have IBS every time traveling. Luckily this time I reunited with my long lost high school friend in OC. LeAnn needled me and within a short time, I felt at ease not just my abdominal pain but also very relaxing. I was able to resolve the heaviness and IBS that had been bothering me for almost 2 weeks. To my surprise, I didn’t even notice when the needles were inserted into my body. If LeAnn is not my friend, I would think she is an expert Acupuncturist with 20 years plus experience. LeAnn I hope your Golden Hands can help and make people happy. Go for it girl! Thank you for spending time and treat me well so I can continue my adventure in America.

Ny Phang N.

My knee was inflated and very painful after I fell onto the ground while working. Through a telemedicine session with Dr. Nguyen, I applied pressure on the points per her instructions 10 minutes for two days. My pain has decreased by 75%. I’ve been very surprised with the fast result since I was 62. Many thanks for your consultation, Dr Nguyen.

Mr. Quan N.

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